Monday, January 6, 2014

Going Bananas!

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am obsessed with Bananas.  I don't skip a day without having at least one banana. Being such a versatile fruit, I use them in baking, smoothies, oatmeal or just as a yummy snack.

Some are picky on the color of their bananas but I'll take them any color, the more spots the sweeter! Here are some helpful tips when it comes to storing bananas:
  • If bananas are too green, put them in a brown paper bag with an apple or tomato overnight to speed up the ripening process.
  • To slow down the ripening process store the bananas in the refrigerator, this causes the skin to darken but the flavor will be just right for a few days.  
  • If your bananas are too ripe, cut them up and throw them in the freezer! This is a easy way to add sweetness to any smoothie and also acts as ice cubes.

 Now, what does this fruit have to offer?

  • 20% of Daily Value of Vitamin B6
  • 15% of Daily Value of Vitamin C
  • 15% of Daily Value of Manganese 
  • 13% of Daily Value of Potassium
  • A single serving also contains 12% of the recommended dietary fiber intake for an adult. 
Here are some of my banana creations:

Baked oatmeal

Gluten Free waffles with PB

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